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July 2017.

The next phase onn my work for Manchester City Council will be the estanlishment of the Hitec Computers
Technical College.

I have a weeks holiday from Verastar and intend to do a tour of Manchester Golf Clubs to Launch Hitec Golf.

This is a brand new venture it does not start till 27th July so there is nothing to show as yet.


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Press Announcement Here

To the Manchester Evening News

A Day In The Life….. (24 July 2017)

Hello World 1

My name is Alan Bramwell I am Community Guardian (BA019) and a Digital Champion.

My question is - Where is my management team ?  The Manchester City Council website indicates that the Guardians still exist. When you E’Mail them you get no reply, I have been to where they used to reside in Gorton and I have been to the Town Hall to ask the question - Where are the offices of The Community Guardians ?

I am here today to report to you A Day In The LIfe. This Saturday It was my birthday I set out to Hitec Computers in Cheadle where I have decided to offer my services. My aim at Hitec is to help them move into the Golf Cub Sector. I also aim to move them into the Education Sector by designing a machine specifically aimed at future computer scientists. To this goal I started The Adam Bramwell Academy and have registered for CPD Accreditation for online courses which I intend to champion. It is my intention to create a Showcase through Hitec Computers where our students can demonstrate their skills. This will effectively make us an employment agency for our students.

It is early days - If Hitec does not agree with my proposal I will continue under my own steam as a Community Guardian.

You can review my progress at Alternatively visit me at

If I achieve my objectives at Hitec we will effectively be a new software house servicing the businesses of the North West. We have a lot to offer so keep watching and if you are a budding computer scientist join our academy.

If you are aware of the whereabouts of my management team please E’mail me :

The Manchester Discount Card



The Reporter

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A day in the life

Hi Andy

Welcome to A Community Guardian A Day In the life - An extract for my community Guardian Website. 

Time is moving on - it is nearly 2 am and I have nearly two hours work still to do - it will be 4 am before I get to bed. This was the reason why I used to look tired at work - nothing to do with sleep apnea. 
I do suffer from a condition that I have not mentioned to you - I am a workaholic and a writer and an lifelong learner - if I am not studying I am programming or writing. Working to 10 pm and up a six was the norm for me. I did try to get 8 hours sleep but often the case I ran over and was still at it after midnight.
Dont get me wrong Andy I enjoyed working for the team but I had bigger things on my mind the provisioning - Like setting up an IT services company to service the community and do some of the OiS that you always justified that the company had other priorities. I am sorry Andy but developers should only be tasked at 80 percent they need room for space currency and personal development - having a backlog report of OiS issues is one way to give currency. Somebody must need API training !
Preamble. Keep am eye open for my book - Developing Enterprise Scale Solutions. (oh I forgot - the company blocked me using google cloud documents to communicate to you - I will put it on my action plan to see if Verastar allows you to see Microsoft One Drive reports. - ohh look - I am harvesting non essential OIS needs that requires development standards - good task for a trainee !

(Action : Create Terms of Reference for One Drive usage.)
(Action : Create Socrates report to explain to Verastar what Terms of Reference are.)
Oh look .... !!!! I am task harvesting - Sorry it is a bad habit ! Its  systems analyst thing !

Thats it 2am call it a day . ..... bye Andy ... Have a great day.


A Day In The Life

My objective  to work for Unicom is to gain currency and extend my IT skills - i had no interest in extending my Broadband Provisioning skills and made no effort to take on Minerva tasks. I was content doing the core activities which kept me busy 100 percent of my day. The exception to this was when you needed telecoms support - which I to the high standards required by yourself. My willingness to show proficiency in Broadband was not on my agenda - as long as i was 100 percent busy I was happy.

You did target me to take on more responsibility for my work - but to be perfectly honest with you intellectually it offered me nothing so I cast it aside. By July 22 2017  I had given up and was looking for a way out. I was amazed that it took you till 2019 to realize that all interest in the job had gone. It would have been different had you progressed Minerva and Mayflower - The department could have moved forward and you would have had an IIP training Manual.  Remember I did produce a skeleton TrainIT System in 2016 and suggested it through the Evolution process - still waiting for an Evolution response !.
There again there is customer support training that I produced in 2015 which never got recognised and was ignored by Pete White.


Hello Friend 

I have done your 360 degree review as I said that I would do and I have published it in the Public domain. 

Please use it whenever you need it and if needed put me down as a reference as a CEO who has had 3 IT Systems Houses.

It is now half past eleven I have two websites to build before I go to bed.

1. Robinsons Brewery.
2. Design House 

I have 3 more to process 
1 Affordable bespoke Housing
2 Executive Homes 
3 Grand Designs.

All should  be done tonight but I am awaiting a response from EX The Queens Architect - Graham Sharp 
Graham is a lifelong friend we used to go a visit where he lived within Windsor Castle and play golf on the course where the horses are kept.
Happy days - sadly long gone - We are both divorced now running our own businesses so there might be an opportunity for me to set up a consultancy division in Alderly Edge.  I need a trip out there to analyse the ground / find estate agent business partners.

Minutes of today’s Telecom - as advised 

I have set up my company offices in The Gardeners near Wythenshawe Park - Any business meetings need to have will be there - I also use the Google Garage in the city centre - I have set up interviews there tomorrow. The notes that I have created on The Verastar Reporter will now form part of my on-line CV ,for Ambition.

Today I had a meeting with Matthew Radcliffe about the Adam Bramwell Charity Golf Day at Hazel Grove on the 9th of May.

I have created a Verastar Social club for current and Ex employees which is

Today I decided that a career change is needed and that I should become a professional Internet Journalist. Basically to fill my CV up to show that I have no gaps in my employment.  I will be stating on my CV that whist I have left Verastar my duties to the company as a Community Guardian still stand - that was a condition of my employment when I was requested to return to the sales team in 2015, I explained that I was working in the voluntary sector and that I retired in 2007. Working for Unicom in 2007 was part of my life strategy to become a senior director of the company.

What I have achieved in the past 4 years working with you is outstanding. Not only I have created a brand of significant proportion I have given myself currency and gained the fol;owing It skills.

1. Tangible Agile Project Management skills - Projects Xenophon. (You will remember it as sun projects Mayflower,Minerva,Genesis and Socrates. We argued for  a year about Phobos and Demos - All I required was a flowchart and a check list. Had you done that issues would have dissolved and I would never have moved on.
21.Botstrap Programming
3 Javscript
4. MVC
5 C#
6 SQL Server
7 IIS Configuration
8 FTP 
9 Web Hosting
10 Wix Devolpment
11 Worrdpress Developmebt 
12 Google Cloud Development
13 Protopage Implementation  (SSNA) 
14 UML Lite (Angular) Programming
15 XML appriciation
16 Json aprreciation
17 API Design

The advantage of being a Community Guardian is that it gives you currency in leading edge technologyl

Matter has said that he does not want a secondary golf competition and that there is no need for the Verastar Trophy.

I communicated that I am having a meeting on Thursday with my good friend Pat Keen - Secretary of Withingto Golf club - This meeting is called Onboard and is an open discussion about the golfing industry - we will be discussing Utilities an the relationship with The Golf Management Group and their strategy to providing utilities to golf.

I with then arrange a meeting with David Valentine of the Golf Management Group to see if there is a opportunity to develop another system house supporting active Webb pages and IntrNets and if there is a requirement for bespoke web development. This might be the development of Training System for IIP within golf. If that is the case then Xenophon fits perfectly.

I will be informing Pat I am now involved with The Garderes as the 19 hole for all the Mersey Clubs and That The Verastar is a trophy gifted to them for their golf society and I will be instructing the Golf Society that they should attempt to arrange a challenge match. 

The Gardeners have indicated that they will provide hot food whenever needed and I am suggesting to you that you should communicate to Verastr that the Gardners should be used for team building events  and Broadband Provisioning nights out. 

The Gardeners has just has a £200,000 facelift and is good for purpose.

If you want to see the trophy it is in pride of place being the bar promoting Verastar. You may recall I requested in 2016 that I get involved in marketing the company - a suggestion which was rejected. Well now it has happened and it is off my to do list finally.

Still on my to do list is to launch Ambition - A recruitment house which I developed for Kenny - Remember you asked why I had lost an hours work - it was because I was discussing Ambition and Erasmus 2019.  It might be next week when I model Erasmus 2019 so I can not issue closure on my employment with Verastar yet.

If I am to to Erasmus well I have first to learn SQL Server and demonstrate those skills , Mvc and c#.. IAt the current rate of learning it could be years before I get round to complete closure on Verastar. But I am recruiting and I aim to outsource it to an associate consultant. 

I have been interviewing today and found a Visual Foxpro developer with over 30 years experience of programming that fits perfectly- a self taught university drop out that is running his own company - If need be I will take him onboard part time one day a week and pay him a day rate of £800 till he gets his read right. I think he is suffering a bit at the moment with burn out and has lost vision of where he is at the moment. He has a package product that I want to sell so he is a great candidate.

I don’ t have a great budget - just enough to keep me going for 10 years - so I will employ him for 1 day a rear to convert his package and gain Microsoft accreditation in C#.  If he wants to stay in the industry

So that is it - The Charity Golf day is done - It was a project that Adam promised me he would work on - It is all about closure and remembering Adam.

Events after the meeting.

After the meeting I interviewed people in the pub for anything they wanted to talk about on the basis that I have said that the pub now resembles Cheers and people talk to each other. 

James Dean - Educated me about the Industry and the price of competitor products - he actually said that the atmosphere in the pub has changed following the development and like me he has been using the pub for over 30 years - I explained that Ingersoll Rand used to pub for liquid lunches in the 1970 when we could take extended lunch breaks.

Anne Maria : Said she was involved in the ladies darts team and that the pub had three ladies team. We chatted about darts and I told her just how great I was at darts. I never got to play against Ed - I should organise a night out with Ed one day - Please tell him the I am thinking about it !

The Executive decision was made that The Verastar Trophy is now a Darts Trophy and the format of the competition will be discussed next Monday.

I will discuss two options :

1. A Gardeners Arms Round Robin.
2. A Team Match against a Verastar Ed Select team. 

It is my choice as I gave the trophy and I am going to opt for option 2.

If Ed does not elect to head a team I will play the ladies as a representative for Verastar - I will play a series of games against there best player.

I think I have covered all the points.

The main point I want to get over is that on Thursday when I talk to Pat I want to pencil in a 2020 Charity golf day and I want his suggestions what the format should be but I want to involve all the Mersey Clubs.

Verastar has missed the opportunity for great advertising - it is intended that this event be as big as The Andrew Murray which took place at Didsbury Golf Club.

As soon as we fix a date I will be creating the entry form on The Golf Hubb and circulating posters to all the clubs in Greater Manchester for their club notice boards.
The marketing of the event will be done by Onboard Promotions - My InterNet Marketing Company.

I am now looking to recruit field sales people from Verastar on a commission base only. The duty of the the field sales operative will be to work from home E’Mailing clients and directing them to my Feed A Lead Systems - Feed A Lead was another suggestion which I made to Verastar which requires closure. I hope too close Feed A Lead this week. I will drive Feed a Lead  through the Robinsons website, 

This will drive my return to field sales - I will set myself a target of visiting one Robinsons pud per week distributing my Manchester Discount Card.  I will implement this week the following procedure - with approval of Robinsons. That an Onboard Promotions bowl be placed on every pub im the Robinsons group and my venture Green Pages will be to harvest and circulate business cards across the group having processed then for the Robinsons Active Website. This will be a free service by The Manchester Community Guardians Scheme. Which will be reported in the Manchester Eventing News once set up.

It has gone 12 now Andy and I need to tell you about my second Associate Consultant that I interviewed today - Steven was my Systems Programmer, he retired before I left the industry in the 1990’s but worked voluntarily like me as a Systems Tester for fire ways. I discovered two things today about him - he did not use automated testing techniques and that he retired totally in 2005 - he has no desire to re-enter th art race. A bit like me. There in great similarity between Steven and myself - we are both top IT professional and have both given our skills away. We are now linked that Steve is working for the and I only last week offered free consultancy for the church at that I will be following it up with a progress report next week.

(Community Guardian BA019)