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SPACE 1999

Moonbase Alpha is a self-contained community located in the crater Plato near the Sea of Showers on Earth's Moon. A marvel of modern engineering, Alpha is constructed of quarried rock and ores, a base of some 2.5 miles in diameter extending up to two thirds of a mile below the lunar surface..

Originally designed as a deep space exploration and nuclear waste monitoring station, construction began on February 3rd, 1983 but was briefly halted in the thermonuclear war of 1987. The war ended with a more unified Earth nations dedicated to working together to prevent global disaster, and this dedication extended to work in space and on Alpha. Under the terms of the agreements settled at the World Peace Conference of July 1987, all nuclear weapons were broken down and their nuclear material buried on the far side of the Moon in a site designated as Nuclear Disposal Area 1.

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