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Homework 5/14/2008

Reading: We are working on the summative project in class. Writing: None Math: Hagen: Begin chapter 11 Lucas : Science: None Grammar: Prepare lesson plan for "teacher for the day" Social Studies: Don't forget the Roman Cafe!! :) *BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR HOMEWORK DAILY!!*

What we are working on!

Reading/ Writing: We are currently studying the genres of nonfiction. We are also working on the summative project! Science: We are going to begin forces of motion. Religion: We are studying the parts of our faith. Math: We keep working on fractions! Grammar: We are reviewing and working on pronouns

Important Info

If your child needs to be gone, or if your child is sick, you need to inform the office. Our classroom number is: 303-321-6231 ext 1645 The school number is: 303-321-6231 You may also contact me by email. Please Remember Email is for parent use, questions or concerns.

Looking Ahead . . .

WOW the school year will be over before you know it!! We are going to be getting ready for middle school in the next few weeks!!

Homework Policy

For each missing or incomplete assignment the student must fill out an EXCUSE form and LETTER TO HOME. Three EXCUSE forms in one week, results in not being able to participate in FRIDAY LABS! 10% is deducted from the grade for each day the assignment is late.

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