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Time line on Andy Warhol






Julia Warhola withJohn Warhola (left) andAndrew Warhola (right)1931

Pics On Andy


Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Isent life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?

Andy Warhol



The Air

As you can see airplanes were the insperation in this painting

The Panda

He loved drawing thigs that no one had ever done before wich meant going over the top

She Devil

The insperation her was that everyone has a bad side and why not show it off

Campbell Soup

This particular iteam is a famous work of art. an insperation in pop art and it was a major art movement for hemself.


He loved shoes(who dosent)and he tryed drawing multy shoes


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My opinon on Andy Warhol




I think that hes a insperational person he really aconplised lots of things in hes life and i admiyer him for that you really have to take a secound look at all his painting thay are that good i also think that hes work well be with us forever well never forget about him he was a good person may he rest in peace 

Links on Andy Warhol

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