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Click Batt

The hot new product on the market is the Clicky the special pen and to use this special pen you have to have these special batteries, which are called Click Batt. they are in a star shape so that they only work on the special clicky pen, which writes in invisible or regular ink that earases. these batteries are one of a kind and look like a decoration, they come in multiple colors and arent regular batteries. they arent like regular batteries just beause of their shape and color, but also because of thier battery life which is 10 times as long as the regular battery, and they are rechargeable!

Batteries of the future

These special Click Batts are soon going to be used by many, and fit in almost any object that will need a battery. So, if you buy one now, not only will you have it for a long time since their battery life is 10 times longer than a regular battery, but you will also be prepared for when Click Batts take over and are used in everything. That is why our modo is "Click Batt... batteries of the future." So be ahead of everyone and buy your Click Batt batteries today, you can buy a pack of 5 batteries for $15.99.