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Friends of Thailand

David Rubin
David cell phone 07-114-3164
Bui cell phone 07-114-3167

David (retired American CPA from Texas, married to a Thai, speaks Thai) founded a group called Friends of Thailand (a US registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit) - consisting of former Peace Corps folks who have been living in Thailand for a while.  He is the guy who is proposing contract teachers in Certain schools in Phang Nga.  He turned me on to a lot of valuable contacts and info.
Khuraburi Pitiyakhom Teacher  Sponsorships

Baan Naam Khem contacts

Phillipa Ann Boyd
"nan" lothong
01 370-0704
07 659-3148

David and Tabia - English teachers
09 594-1383

Project Trang - Ko Muk Community Project

The current needs for the water distribution project are as follows:
    ● Cement for the bases of the holding and distribution tanks
    ● Commercial grade faucets and water outlets at water distribution point
    ● Water sediment filters/tanks
    ● Water pump from the well holding area to the distribution point
    ● Additional tanks for remote locations for example, Pangka village and the School.
    ● Washing basins area (laundry/showers) at the school

While there are very serious needs remaining in the community the families are pulling together and multiplying donations and aid as they share, divide and use what ever they
have available to supplement what is being given. There are a few families that are motivated by the opportunity to enhance their own lives, and those few tend to be the more
vocal with their felt needs, but the general heart within the community is not focused on the needs but what they already have and help others with. It has really been a blessing until now for us to be able to give to this
community and watch them use what they have been given to help their neighbors. We want to thank those who helped to this point, please help us to finish this job as soonPat James (Project Coordinator)

As we are in the process of registering the foundation financial arrangements needs to be verified with:
Ben Bester by e-mail: or mobile: +66 1 891 8657;
Alternative - Pat James by e-mail: or +66 9 009 3524;

Project Trang began in the wake of the tsunami by concerned individuals who took it upon themselves to assess the needs of many in the province of Trang, southern Thailand. Upon follow up to hundreds of case studies and needs assessment
on missions into many tsunami affected areas along the coastline and onto the many islands in Trang, our focus became Koh Muk Island

Project Trang concentrated since January on the Koh Muk Community project to provide relief that addresses two needs as a result of the tsunami to the 400 families:
-    Drinking water supply, as all water wells were contaminated and/or run dry.
-    Restoration of livelihood, including the replacement/repair of long-tail fishing boats and nets Immediate longer-term support envisioned:
-    Ongoing support and assistance to the school on Koh Mook
-    Assistance and development to be a self-sustaining community.
Project Trang team worked and continue to work very closely with the community council consisting of the 6 village leaders and elders determine priorities and established the distribution channels.  Registers are kept and audited by the Project Trang team to ensure that the priority needs are met and that the recipients are logged.  Disputes are taken to the community council for decisions and management of the social environment in the communities. The government and local agencies we maintained ongoing and transparent relationships with the Trang provincial government and other organisations that are involved or shown interest to work in the area.  We are operating with the provincial government’s approval
while the Thailand Red Cross Society sanctions our field team workers. The Andaman Sea Network is also very active in the area and was on Koh Muk responsible to provide the boat building area infrastructures.
International Organizations:
-    Project Trang received ongoing assistance from GC Thailand, a Global Careers (South Africa) initiative in a project supportive role, while several community organisations and individuals donated funds to the project.
Long term approach
Project Trang maintained an ongoing presence in the Trang Province coastal area and working in a coordinating manner with the government and other international and local organisations.  To ensure completion of this project as well as

future management of projects with long-term development and sustainability in mind, the activities of Project Trang will in future continue under the auspices of a newly established initiative under the operational name “To Serve Thailand” which is currently awaiting registration of the “To Serve Foundation (Thailand)”. Project Detail

suspicion and conflict in the community and leave room for corruption.  The Project Trang team work within the leadership structures in the community and report to local authorities as well as donors.
The project insofar relief assistance approach its completion.  If the physical materials purchased reach it’s destination and are formed into the end product we can evaluate the outcome of the project comparing it to the numbers stated.
This proposal was compiled by:  Pat James (Project Coordinator) & Ben Bester for Project Trang.  As we are in the process of registering the foundation financial arrangements needs to be verified with:
Ben Bester by e-mail: or mobile: +66 1 891 8657;
Alternative - Pat James by e-mail: or +66 9 009 3524;

Phuket sunshine village

Simone Allène
04 755-1527

North Andaman Tsunami relief (NATR)

Bodhi Garrett
01 787-7344

Jo Birrell

NATR Financial Manager
06 603-1018

Shannon Kalayanamitr
01 905-9868

Project managers per se for this scholarship project are Joanna and Lak.  We, together, help each other, whether on funding, project coordination, etc - with focus on 7 villages all around TalayNok.  The scholarship program that we sent ALF and your team last year comprised of 3 out of 7 of these villages.
Shannon due back in Bkk after Jan 20th.  Shannon proposes a trip down to the south before Mid March.


ALF approved USD 85,000 for three year funding of a new Vocational Training Manager and an Office Manager.
In December 2005 25,000 was disbursed to fund the first year.

Tsunami Relief Fund for Children

Contact: Eugene McCain

There is a project that I came across on my last trip to Phi Phi that would be good for ALF to have a look at. I don't have the project proposal yet but it is a day care center for kids aged up to 4 for children who's parents are working on Phi Phi and/or still living in the temporary housing.   The center has been going for several months but they need some long term support and are looking at keeping it going for the next 2 years. They have 3 teacher each paid B5000 per month and other cost including food for the kids during the day run at about B24,000 per month (I think).
For more information email La from HiPhiPhi at

Andaman Lions,

Andaman Lions, - orphanage/child care
centre. Andaman Lions are working with Childwatch Phuket (local charity) to
run a short term scholarship scheme for kids education and to build a child
care centre on Koh Sirae. The facilities will include accomodation for 100
children living in SOS model family structures.  We may want to look at
working with this group on educational, support or care based projects. I
have not attached the proposal for this as it is huge and the project is
explained well on the website. I can forward this if you need more info.