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GOOGLE: Phonethics: The Sounds of English. Phonetics: The Sound of English and Spanish-The University of IOWA Phonetics: The Sound of English and Spanish-The University of IOWA Speking *Pronunciation (CLIC) *MinimalPairs-Lesson 14: run-rung...(CLIC) Practice and Quiz

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Why is important to study?


You have to study for you, for your future. You are the only responsible of that. You have to do your homeworks, and study so hard. If you want to get something , you can do it. Try it with all your heart, your mind and your soul. Finally  you will get the results.

In the 21 Century: You have to get a B.A. of the University, to know how to use the computer, to speak at least three languages in order to be competitive in the labour world.

Respetadas(os) Madre y Padre de Familia

Dear Parents:

Review the activities that your sons have during each week of class. They all the time have something to do. You have the opportunity to check in this blog the activities that they have.



Professor Mityz Marìn


Respetadas(os) Madre y Padre de Familia:

Revicen las diferentes actividades que sus hijos tienen que desarrollar durante cada semana de clases. Todos los dìas en mi asignatura ellos tienen alguna asignaciòn que realizar. Usted tiene la oportunidad de verificar mi asignatura en este blog.



Profesora Mitzy Marìn

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