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Project X

This site has been created for Project X at Wythenshawe Hospital.

I attended a pre planning forum of 8 invites to a discussion group - pre planning stage.

First objective to name the project.

I suggested Nimrod / Xenophon / Mayflower / Signatures

I have a White Board / Artist Board at home that I get people to sign and donate to my charity.

Niimrod / Signatures

Katy Tottman of GMMH has signed into the Nimrod project and a donation has been made to The Chritie

Cancer Research Fund at Withingtongolf Club - Steve Marr - Professional.

An additional donation has been made to junior golf development by Hitec Computers Cheadle - they have not signed the Nimrod Signatures Board. 




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Project Suggestion

Good Evening.

Re Project X 

A good day today - well done - Very Professional.

I have bad news for me.

I have not logged the 7 character name of my NHS Medicare site - I know it is somewhere - It should be in my Nimrod Site.

I have so so many sites I have to take great care to manage them all and define my primary entry point.

So my personal entry point for our new site is see (mft.nhs cancer)

There is a comment about names and a bookmark link to nhsintouchuk 

NHSIntouchUK will not be integrated into my SSNA - it will stand alone. There will be no links outside the Agile Project into my infrastructure - it would only confuse you.

My suggestion is - and it is a strong suggestion that you set up your project as an Agile project.

What does that mean - It means you could promote your salary - depending upon what you earn now !!!!

Agile is worth about £80,000 per year for a top person.

You must now :

1 set up you own personal protopage account.

You should first set yourself up a google GMAIL account as it is here where you will create your documents and activate protopage.

Go to 

I will set up the agile team accounts

1. AgilePO - Product Owner
2. AgileSM - Scrum Master
3. AgileBA - Business Analyst
4. AgileTM1 - Team Member 1
5. AgileTM2 - Team Member 2
Ditto team members 3 to 7

I hope  that this is to your satisfaction - we should all have great fun

Passwords :

I will make all passwords called : Pegasus 

Regards Alan
Community Guardian (BA019)
CEO Red Octopus Business Services Limited

Note : A transcript of this E.Mail has been placed on 

Read Me



Call Centre Research - Wythenshawe A&E (Ms Green) / GMP 101 - 999 Services / AABiBookmarks

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I hope that you like my project suggestions - I will not go about writing anything up or doing any registration for Agile until I see that you have registered your own personal protopage site.

It is important that you see this product as fun to use and powerful - you need to play.

I will show you haw best to use it next meeting.

For fun see my Manchester Music website in the bookmarks here.
And for Education see my Digital Champions Website.

MFT.NHS Education






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A Day In The Life - Groundwork 24/05/2019

A Day In The Life

Today - as Community Guardian (BA 019) I woke at 4:28 am.

I was thinking about not sleeping and how I was going  to explain to my doctor how very well I was.

Yesterday I had a meeting with Age UK Discussion Group leader Ria and said that I would set up SSNA for her group.  I tried to register Intouch as was suggested but it was already taken.

It was playing on my mind - I should have resolved the problem before going to bed !

I decided on IntouchUK - so I made the registration and manageed the links thinking about Golden Triangle / Golden Pyramid Now Standards. It was a lot to thibk about I have moved up a level to EIS reporting and now needed to integrate standards with BSG. I decidesd on Sapphire/Emerald/Ruby and Diamond.  All great choices to dovetail with White as Milk/Red Octopus/Blue Flamingos and Green Onions - It is all a perfect fit. Now all I need to think about is naming conventions for Agile and password conventions.

So  - Clean and showered I went to the doctors, looked at my feet and decided to leave them for the doctor to see - before I try to tidy them up - I am too fat - I can not reach my feet !

Nurse was on time 8:50 - Blood pressure to high - Been up all night !

Protein in my urine ! Good circulation in my feet - failed tuning folk test.

Asked Nurse about Podiatry !

Finished with Nurse - Booked appointment with Doctor / Podiatrist went for breakfast.

Got back at 9:55 was still in the queue.

Saw doctor - Got a sick note for a month - Relaxation needed - all this job hunting is making me ill - Sleepless Nights - We can’t have that !!!

Informed Doctor that I was halfing my medication after seeing tv article mid week. Dr did not agree - wants to see me in a week to reflect how I am doing. Phoned my support worker to advise of plan and to get support / assistance with wellbeing.

Time Ticking On……. Need top be at Hospital for Cancer Seminar at 13:00.

Went to WCHG to complain about Wythenshawe Park / Volunteering. Had to wait in queue. Tried to phone their help desk but they could not answer - Life is so stressfull talking to these organisations - nobody knows anything about the business - Manchester City Council are the

worse !!!

Got my contact details  and made a phone call - Which I have now lost !!!  (Quick look - Found It) - Arranged Meet Tuesday.

Kerry popped out she saw me at the desk and recognised me from 4 years ago - took me into her office and we had a lovely chat - I am good at chatting - It is my job !!!!  Time Ticking On…

Went to Age Uk For Lunch / Meeting about Green Keeping. See What tools they have for me to use.  In a rush now - no time to eat cake.

Now at Wythy Hospital - Running to schedule - just. saw a man with one leg amputated and toes bandaged up - got into conversation about diabetes - That’s what I do I care and talk to people - I get very very chatty when things are going to plan. Too his warning about Podiatry it was that that caused his amputation.

Looked at may of hospital and remembered where the education suit was.

Arrives just a little late, apologised - took my time in the ice breaker. Said that I would like to meet Alan Kay most of all - nobody knew who I was talking about.

Apologised about not preparing and that my mind is likely to be all over the place. I expressed that I would like the meeting to be professional - for people to talk through the chair one at a time - William took exception to my request and was most rude - I handled it well and we continued without confrontation.

The meeting went very very well - It was professional - we tried to lay the ground rules for future meetings -0 We discussed Periodicity / Group Sizes and project name. No decision was made - I suggested Pathway.

I suggested that we set up SSNA to communicate and gave a demonstration of my Blue Flamingos well being website where I was storing my to do list - / communications. The Management were impressed.

I went away with permission to add course content to my websites and to suggest / develop a way forward for the group. I agreed to think it through and make suggestions.

After the meeting closed I sat  visualizing my thought and mind mapping before driving home.

On the way home I went for a little detour - drive to relax and went for a meal out at Manchester Airport.

Today I had had three square meals  - I have been told that I am looking thinner and my weight was 5 pounds down.

I went home and put my clothes in the wash - ate my cake and did my mail - Halifax are being a pain - they want proof of job search and return of declaration but they never send a return envelope. I need to do some paperwork - I now have lots of little piles of to do stuff. It is too many - it is not good for my mind.  It is time consuming - It took me half an hour to find it - I need a filing cabinet !!!!!

So --- some IT to do - find my NHS Prototype site - I registered one but never integrated it because I was uncertain which super project it came under - was it Commercial / Wellbeing or Education - My Golden Triangle.

I said to myself password search will show me name - It has not - I have hit a problem. No issue I had only registered it and it needed to be 7 characters - I know I have bookmarked it but I did not register in Acme Industries which is my bible.  It does not matter if it does not turn up I will use PEGASUS.

20:36 - Minutes Done - Now to Share in


Community Guardian (BA019)

Ohhhh…. Add to dealt with E’Mail to MP Mike Kane MP

Done for the day…….   To Do List - Schedule Registration of 10 SSNA Agile websites for Project X.


Rich sticky notes

Q 27/05/2019 3:28am

Hi Rich 

My situation is this …… I am unemployed … I am claiming benefits and insurance - I can do for two years.

I am looking for a small job top up my income.

I have tried to get a job as a carer but got rejected and I tried as a security officer at Manchester airport and got rejected —— and a shelf stacker at lidl and got rejected.

So I have given up hope on finding a job and have started long term sick to get universal credits off my back.  As it is I have to meet their objectives to gain ,my benefit - which means a lot fo job searching.

On the voluntary front I am doing well … I have commenced 3 Agile projects :

1. A well being project for Wythenshawe Community Housing called Blue Flamingo - Looking after 5 data centres that I was responsible for starting in 2012.
2. A discussion Group called Intouch for age concern in Wthenshawe and my Ex Church in Levensulme - Which is part of my Church Program for Blue Flamingo for an Anglican Church and a Community Church in Wythenshawe.
3 Project X for the NHS / Macmiillan Suupport at Wythenshawe hospital / which will mirror my Activity for Mental health at the Spectrum Centre / Lancaster University.
  This will be the establishment of an Agile Project team and associated communications systems - a InTouch project.

I am thinking of volunteering for Chorton Water Park on their Community projects on Tuesday - there are two schemes running there.
I will be telling The Mersey Golf Clubs that I am working on an IT Communications Strategy for them and I will be putting myself up to become a Director at Withington.

Then there is You…… - I have invested £700 to secure my web presence for 5 years and now will be working full time as a volunteer for Red Octopus Business Services Limited operating out of Hitec Computer in Cheadle as Red Camel.

I now need to keep it simple with you and get you to give me a quote for a simple transaction.

Your first Client is Me. 
The project is an application called Q  - You have done the work already. (Paul Wrote Q as a dos 6.1 sytstems - pre widows as a windows gateway to Dos applications - it was a for runner to window - I now need a similar subscription database apppliactio as a gateway to cloud based systems) 
I need what you did for David - As it is - unchanged if yo still have it.

But I need it front ended by a subscription service where users pay jus £7 to access the service.

The bank account should be in your name - You will benefit from the revenue.

We then need to look at a strategy for SEO - can we do it - do we have the skills do we need it - do we budget and buy it in.

The second project is called a musical legacy.  This is for Andy Willson - its origin is 2000 when I offered to do it for him - but he went his own way and insulted me saying I did not have the experience.

All I need here is use of your subscription portal above to pass me to a gateway transaction written in MVC which initially will just be a link to my Foundation Coming Google Forms transaction.  We will monitor if we get any traffic - that is why SEO is important. If we get traffic and raise revenue there will be a simple SQL Server application with one table and a number of queries.

As always - I am in your hands - There is no pressure - you have made it clear you have a life style.

But I do need a quote from you now and that will get you started with your business.

Then we can discuss long term objectives an the creation of your Local Business Directory as a subscription service - I have done an interim solution for that  http://greenpagesinfo.  (Com / Biz) can’t remember just now need to look.

There is a lot here it is 3am in the morning.

Thinks are going really really well …….. I need to tell you about my Manchester Discount Card Scheme after we have got started.

Lets work together - albeit in a small way - I won’t impose on you.

I coud outsource it - it would cost pennies but I don’t want to - I want  a revenue stream for us both - We have been frends fo over 20 years trying to progress a business project.

Lets have a go !!!!! 

I will be asking Paul to quote in to do a musical Legacy as a legacy Visual Foxpro application - It should take him about 7 hours and he can host it as a home server based on his Bossons Database solution - it he still has it - it was really really efficient search in its time - he might use it as a MVC C# SQL crossover training module. He might need to look for a new client soon. I asked him to ring me on Saturday - but he is like you - Too Busy to look after his own interest.

Cheers Mate….
Keep in touch more often…


If you get a e’maiil from nhsintouchuk signed AJAY it is me working on Project X for Macmillan Cancer Research.  I have you pencilled in for IT Commercial Services Consultancy.   Wait my Agile Express Proposal - Pegasus   

On 26 May 2019, at 19:45, Richard Gilbert <> wrote:

Hi Al

how are things

sorry I've missed you're phone calls but there's no record of a call from you on my phone!

Anyhow, how's the work situation? Are you actually unemployed at the mo?

What's this project you have in mind - can you give me a description of what its going to do - no jargon or buzz words required 

From: alan bramwell <>
Sent: 26 May 2019 08:21
To: Richard Gilbert
Subject: Why 
Hi Rich 

I know that you say that you are a busy man but why do you never contact me.

I have tried to ring you any times but you do not pick up or ring back.

It would be nice just to talk to you from time to time.

I have a small project that I need you to work on for the NHS / Age UK / Manchester Mind / Wythenshawe Community Housing

The Project name is Pegasus - the module is Intouch.

This is an Agile Express project.

Agile Express - Is Agile with a periodicity of weekly - Scrums take place remotely each Monday.

As part of the process we will again try to look at

I am getting no joy looking a llow wage jobs such as Carer and Secunity but I am getting lots and lots of Agile enquiries.

I need to show now that I am working on a current Agile project.

Will you please find  1 hour a week for me - I estimate it should.  Take you 7 hours.



How are you keeping 

Emerald - 27/05/2019 3:31 am

Apple education

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Sign in to the Apple Teacher Learning Center. Discover great learning resources and learn new skills to become an Apple Teacher.
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Pheonoix Day

Phoenix day will be 07/07/2019 by which time I will have infiltrated the NHS and imposed Pegasus Agile Management on them.

I will work through BronteTV and South Manchester User Group which will necessitate a few days in hospital - any more than a few days is a waste of valuable resources - beds will be needed.

NHS Feedback

Rich sticky notes

22 July @019 / Jane Brown

Hi Alan
We met recently (end May) at the Macmillan Recovery Package Service User Involvement Project Group meeting at Wythenshawe Hospital.  Thank you for all your contributions during and following the meeting – we very much appreciated your ideas and suggestions.
Apologies for not responding sooner following the emails you sent with various IT links after the meeting and for your time / expertise in setting these up.  I have spoken to our IT Team and unfortunately we are not able to use the links / packages – this is in line with both Trust and wider NHS policy.  You are probably already aware we have quite strict firewalls and anything new from an IT perspective has to be agreed internally – everyone is more cautious after the cyber-attack a couple of years ago.  I appreciate the links you have set up may be save but we have to work within the IT policies of our hospital.
At the meeting at the end of May, you were undecided if you wished to continue to attend meetings or if there were other ways you could better contribute to our Project.  I am conscious our Team had not had the opportunity to speak to you individually about our Macmillan Project and the contribution and role of service users like yourself – this is our usual practice and my apologies this has not happened.  This type of conversation helps us to get to know you more so we understand better how you would like to help with our Project and specific skills / experience you bring.  Would it be possible for me to give you a ring to chat all this through?  And if yes, what is the best telephone number to use and is there a good time to ring.  
I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully speaking soon.
Thanks again for all your input and support with our Project to date.
Kind Regards
Jane Brown
Macmillan Recovery Package Implementation Lead
Wythenshawe, Trafford, Withington, Altrincham (WTWA) site
Macmillan Office – Area F
Wythenshawe Hospital
Southmoor Road
M23 9LT
Tel (Team): 0161 291 2583
Mobile:  07741 627968


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Rich text note

NHSIntouch has been rejected by Project X

But As of 26/10/2019 I will use it for all communications with Manchester Mental Health : Project Medicare.

Status Report - 26 10 2019

This week I reported the progress of Medicare to Dr Blatner at Wythenshawe Hosiptal.

I informed her enthusiastiocally of my Golden Pyramid Sysrategy for life and the progress of Medicare.

elated by my progress in life I was seen to be ill.

This is not acceptable and has now triggered Medicare -- From 26/10/2019 Medicare will be used to monitor the performance of Manchester Mental Mealth. 

All communications will be logged and  it will be used for Stats Reporting to Dr Blatner,

There will be a weekly progress report on the staus of myself under Well Being - Reporting My A/B Priorities.

Melinda International

Rich sticky notes

Panic Online

Panic - June 06/06/2019 - Completed as C task 27/11/2019

Panic was Commenced within  Bolton Hospital by a member of the NHS called Tom who I appointed Communications Officer

Project X Status - Rejected by NHS Now used as Product Testing Site for Protopage
Communiactions Portal Proposal fo Halifax Claims Department / Wythenshawe Forum Home Use - Project Xenophon on the Knowledge that Doctor can not access the WWW within the NHS - There is nothing stopping them working from home for WWW Consutancy - Pssible Usage NHS Direct Panic System / Effective Communiacation for bad phone line -  I.E June 2019 Crisis Test for Panic Suicide Reporting 

Panic Online Now done - Now do Mobile Phone App

Synergy - C Task panning and developmentext note

C Task Planning and development - Do C tasks as a synergy with A tasks - C Tasks  / X tasks 
X - Special Projects - No Budgets

GMMH Infonet

Rich sticky notes


You have arrived here via TomTomQ8 - a website created by Tom a patient at Beech Ward Bolton hospital during a teaching session on how to create an InfoNet.

It is Tom's EMail that TomTomQ8 is registered to so it can not be changed.

It is a little bit sad that Tom has not used his site as he has lots of favourites to attractive girls on his machine - it would have been nice for him to share. 

It is good planning ahead that I put a link to my MacMillan project.

I was invited onto a MacMillan Action Group at Wythenshawe Hospital in the Planning Stages for Project X.

My contribution was a Macmillan InfoNet for the group.

Stop Press

Rich sticky notes

Wythenshawe Hospital

It would be an understatement that there are major communications issues at Wythenshawe Hospital.

A report will be written and sent to Senior Management of the trust when access to all areas is allowed - eventually.

We will now have to initiate NHS Medicare as a project within its own right - not part of an individuals social media.

NHS Medicare



Rich sticky notes

System Requirements

1. Coronavirus

2. CBT

3. Misdiagnosis

4. ……… TBA

5. Communications Breakdown Recording

6. Suggestions

7. Complaints

8. 360 Degree Assessment of NHS Staff

9. Donations   

CARL Community Guardian Contract



Rich sticky notes

Abo t Project X

Verbal Communication to Carl as Friend

Community Guardian Contracts

About Medicare

Verbal communication as friend

Black Swan - PCommubnity Guardian Comtrac

Wthite Swan

R - Red Octopus

O - Oracles

Y - Yesteryear {Index Linked

G - Greed

B - Bramit

I - AI

V - Virtual

S - Silver

G - Gold - G1 - Godfather - Guardian - Greed - Gain 

X - Xenophon

Todo lists

Todo list

About Medicare
Buy milk

Warning The Dr Hussain Virus




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Rich text note

This site was displaying a Trojan Virus when on the NHS Network and was detected by Graham. Jenkins 
It   lloks like the hospital firewall is now detecting it as the site is not showuing

02/06/2020 22:19

Urgent urgent urget 

There has been a bug report outstanding since Nov 2019 about the site Red Octopus having an INF JS Triojan on it.

It the NHS it looks like the firewall is now trapping this site but it has now been found by a client at home.

I want to roll out to 1024 NHS Study Buddies as soon as possible 

Can you please give me a status update.

Note my e'mail services on my apple computer and gmail have major issues - is it possible that this virus has hit my e'mail / apple machine. If so what is the resolution.

I am very happy with your solution an have been using it as a strategic tool for my IT Business for 14 years .

Only now am I able to push forward as my brother is coming out of contract.

I am using my sons e,ail address as I am having issues with hotmail 
I am Alan Bramwell you joibned forces with me in 2007 when Wordpress killed 200 of my sites when I branded them. I lost my contract and have been struggling to find users that want your product - i know how greatit is but it just will not sell.
My need is now urgent - as I have the NHS using the system. 

Doz World




Bronte / Beech / Atherleighpark



Rich sticky notes

Bronte / Beech

My plan to request 3 days in Bronte did not go to plan - the telephony went down on the NHS help line so they sent somebody out.

Things Escalated !!!

I am in for the long hall.........

Things are going just fantastically well - I had a major problem - my family would not bring in my lap to and cash so I had to befriend Tony Ratcliffe - who has turned out to be a really interesting guy who I will try to help.

We have been having just the greatest of fun recording a concert.
The staff have been running around after us printing lyrics and helping with the filming. Tony has contracted to me to be his agent. I will keep him busy in Bolton / Farmworth / Horwich.

Tony has gone to another place - we have exchanged phone numbers and E'Mails - and I have created a Bolton Old Links Website.

Dr Rachel Clarke



NHS Infonet



King Charles III Infonets




The BBC Infonet

Hopefully the BBC will be Onboard with our cancer appeal



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Track Development / Assurance / Production 1 Infonet Service - Development 2 Search Engine - Production