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Bands <3

Plain sticky notes

Favorite Bandz

My Favorite Bands and Artists are: Fall Out Boy The Beatles Panic! At The Disco Cobra Starship Paramore Tila Tequila The Used Maroon 5 Avril Lavigne Chris Brown Forever the sickest kids Timbaland Imogen Heap Lil' Wayne Cute is what we aim for Dave Matthews Band Escape the fate Coldplay Lil' Mama Alexisonfire The Maine Shiny toy guns The Killers Nickleback Bob Marley T-pain Rihanna Mariannas trench Plain white T's Lily Allen Gym class heros Billy Talent System of a down Dallas Green AFI John Mayer Micheal Jackson Silverstein Hedley OneRepublic Red hot chili peppers The Fray Metric Linkin Park The white stripes All time low The academy is... Faber drive Bedouin Soundclash My chemical romance Tegan & Sara Crash test dummies Gwen Stefani Finger eleven Britney Spears


Panic! At The Disco

Fall Out Boy

Cobra Starship

Chris Brown

Escape the fate

Forever the sickest kids

The Beatles

Cute is what we aim for

The Academy is...


Gym class heros

Lily Allen


Imogen Heap

Linkin Park


Plain sticky notes

Favorite Moviez

Some of my favorite movies are: Juno Enchanted Walk The Line




Walk The Line

Songs <3

Plain sticky notes

Favorite Songz

NOT IN ORDER Fall Out Boy ft John Mayer - Beat it (cover) Linkin Park ft Busta Rhymes - Me made It


Clothes <3