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About My Journey


Hello, my name is Russell Porfilio and I will be embarking on a journey that will take me on a mountain bike accross the country. This year, my trip will begin on June 25th, 2006. It will take me from my mother's old place of Residence in New Rochelle, NY, through New England along the northern, western, souther, and eastern boarders of the United States. I will finish my trip early to mid November, 2006. My fundraising trip will be done in the name of my mother Carole Porfilio, and friend Mitch Berke to help save cancer patients lives by supporting research, education, and early detection. Assist me in this worthy cause by making a donation the American Cancer Society.

I will be photographing my journey as well as keeping a journal to keep you updated on my progress. I am well aware this will be a long and strenuous trip that will test my limits as well as my desire to see this trip through safely and healthy. If there ever is a time in my life that I’m up for a challenge like this is now.



Team ACS is an online fundraising tool that allows people like me to turn 5K runs, bike races, marathons, and other events into opportunities to support the life-saving research, education, advocacy, and patient service programs of the American Cancer Society. With Team ACS, I am able to reach out to friends, family, and colleagues like you with the click of a button.

I hope you will support me, and the American Cancer Society, in our efforts to fight cancer by clicking on the SUPPORT ME WITH A DONATION LINK located above my fundraising thermometer.




My mom had six children (Deb, Rick, Daryll, Darren, Danielle, and Russ), seven grand children (Michelle, Sabrina, Lil Rich, Matthew, Emily, Courtney, and Alexis, and two great grand children, Dameon and Damea. My mom was diagnosed in early July 2005 with pancreatic cancer and on the 25th of July lost her life to the disease. Her remaining days were spent surrounded by the love of her family and friends. She honored those in her life by working hard, she was devoted to her kids, and made many sacrifices in her life for us all. Deb and Rick, during her last days made great sacrifice to be there with mommy until she breathed her last breath. Thanks to Daryll and Darren, and Sabrina for coming up from down south to be with her. Mommy we love you always.


It’s a shame that sometimes it takes something tragic to happen to you, as in my case to search for a deeper meaning in our lives. It brought me to ponder why I chose a certain life path, why I made the choices I made, or why I ended up where I was at the end of each day. I am very grateful to have woken up each day with the opportunity to make wonderful things happen for my family, friends, strangers, and even myself. I had recently thought since the death of my mom that it was too late. But it’s never too late to honor someone and show them how much you really love someone. This will give me that opportunity to honor the ones I love from my past, present, and in my future. The stories good and bad of those in my life had always been an inspiration to me, and will be my inspiration for the rest of my life.


Sometimes I just need someone to talk to share my story or to hear others. I hope during my trip through your towns that maybe I could run into some of you who have stories to tell or just want to cheer me on.  


Remember that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. I encourage all of you who have crossed my path to donate for this cause.


Thank you and have blessed lives, Russell Porfilio and family.

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