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Mr. B- Diseases


List of 14 diseases (can use any of them except for HPV)

Plain sticky notes

Assignment- NO PICURES are needed!

Identify three diseases that were common 50 years ago but are not common today due to vaccines. Write a report about the diseases, when vaccines were developed against them, and how the incidences* of the diseases changed. Incidence means: rate of new (or newly diagnosed) cases of the disease. It is generally reported as the number of new cases occurring within a period of time (e.g., per month, per year). So, what was the rate of people getting the disease before the vaccine and what is it now?

4 things you need

1. Information about your disease- maybe how a person gets the disease, or the main symptoms, or how serious it is 2. When did the vaccine start being used? 3. How many people died, or were affected by the disease BEFORE the vaccine was used? 4. How many people die, or are affected by the disease NOW?


Wikipedia- although you could use that to get an idea about a topic, and then go to an expert source and actually use their information

Good websites/organizations

CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention NIH- National Institute of Health The History of Vaccines- an educational resource by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia World Economic Forum- but be careful, the diseases they list are NOT just through vaccines

Mr. B- Cancer




DON'T use these sites for medical Advice!!!!

Cancer- General Info and Research Websites

Prostate Cancer

Breast CA

Lung Cancer


Mr. B- Energy


Energy- Multiple

Sound Energy

Mechanical Energy

Electric Energy

Nuclear Energy

Thermal Energy

Radiant (Light) Energy


Let your librarian help!

Miracle Worker/Holocaust Project

Rich sticky notes

Miracle Worker- Helen Keller

Hellen Keller

     website for kids (it looks young and childish but has excellent info and pictures)




     The Story of My Life, by Helen Keller (the play Miracle Worker is taken from her book written in 1903)


Perkins School for the Blind



Tewksbury Almhouse

     Annie Sullivan's time there- this page and next several after, good quotes from Sullivan


     Overview of Sullivan's time at Tewksbury


     Book written about Sullivan that can be read online (written in 1933 by someone who knew both Keller and Sullivan)


     A history of the Almshouse in general- primary source documents and pictures at bottom of page



     What is wrong with the use of the terms: 'deaf-mute', 'deaf and dumb', or 'hearing impaired'?


     Deaf culture- even has a fingerspelling player (and the documentary is available to play instantly from  Netflix)




   History- 1880s


     Alabama- history of state


Miracle Worker- the play

    The best information is from a subscription site- but some basics can be found for free at


     1959 Playbill

















Holocaust Artifact Project

Brief article on Auschwitz Museum artifacts,,2668464,00.html


Two personal stories of how some artifacts survived - these change periodically so the website may not work next time:


Click on a picture from the following section to read stories of other artifacts:



Archaeological excavations at the site of the Nazi Chelmno Extermination Camp in Poland during World War II





Children's Poetry



Forbidden art from Auschwitz-Birkenau (slide 12 has a list of items used to create art)



"Forbidden Art"- created at Auschwitz (2:54)


Holocaust- Other Resources

Holocaust Children's Lit Bibliography



Green, Gerald, The Artists of Terezín. New York: Hawthorn Books, 1969.


Volavkova, Hana, ed., I Never Saw Another Butterfly: Children's Drawings and Poems from Terezín Concentration Camp, 1942-1944. New York: Schocken Books, 1993.

African American books



Argumentative Research Paper


Should College Athletes be Paid

Tutorials/General Resources

Preventing Plagiarism Exercise


Do social (and cultural) factors cause eating disorders?UniverAllAll