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Book Title

Cirque Du Freak

Year Printed

Printed in 2002


School The Circus Darren's House Soccer Field


Just be yourself and good things will happen.


Author, Darren Shan

Main Characters

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Main Character

Darren Shan Steve Lepard Mr.Creapsly

The role of the characters

Darren Shan is the main character in the story. Darren and Steve went to the Circus, that is when the excitement started . Steve is Darren's best friend. At the Circus Steve asked Mr.Creapsly if he could be his vampire assistant. Mr.Creapsly is a hidden vampire with a pet spider. He turns Darren into his assistant instead of Steve because Steve is "Evil".


Darren Shan's strengths are: Playing soccer, doing good in school and stealing spiders. Steve's strengths are: Never-giving up and playing soccer. Mr.Creapsly's strengths are: Training his spider to be in a show,and training Darren to be a vampier.


Darren's weaknesses are: He is afriad, he gets angry quick, he is scared of Steve. Steve's weakness is that he has a temper. Mr.Creapsly's weaknesses are: Sunlight, Garlic, and a stake through the heart.

Physical Feature

Darren Shan is tall with short red hair. Darren is built like an athlete. Steve looks somewhat like Darren except he has brown hair. Mr.Creapsly is pale, with black hair. Creapsly is very skinny and has sharp nail that can cut through anything

Why Darren is the main character

Darren was chosen to be the main character because he is Mr. Creapsly's vampire assistant.

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I like how Darren is a strong person and how he deals with his problems. He is also a problem solver.


Mr.Creapsly's Spider

Supporting Characters

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Supporting Characters

Mr.Tall Alan Morris Tommy Jones

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None of the supporting characters have weaknesses

Why they are the supporting character

Alan Morris and Tommy Jones are the supporting characters because they are Darren's friend.  Mr.Tall is a supporting character because he travels with Darren and Mr.Creasly.


Mr.Tall's strenghts are using magic, running the Cirque Du Freak, and being tall.  Alan Morris's strenghts is playing soccer and so is Tommy Jones.

Physical Features

Alan Morris has red hair like Darren, he has an athletic body type and has tan skin.  Tommy Jones has black hair, also has an athletic body type and has olive color skin.  Mr.Tall is a very tall man, taller than any man in the world.  Mr. Tall has pale skin.

What do you like or dislike about the character.

I like that Mr.Tall is a very nice person.  I also think that it is cool that   Mr.Tall also magic to help control Madam Octa (Mr.Creapsly's) during the Circus act.  He also uses magic to control the Werewolf in the act.  He is also a good friend.


Main Action

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The plot is that first Darren went to the circus of freaks.  Then his friend Steve asked one of the performers (Mr.Creapsly) if he could become his vampire assistant.  Then after Mr.Creapsly said no Darren went and stole his spider.  Darren got caught in the act and Mr.Creapsly made him become his vampire assistant. 

Events leading to the climax

The events leading to the climax are: When Darren faked his death to become Mr.Creapsly's vampire assistant.  Then he ran away with Mr.Creapsly.

What was the outcome

The outcome was that Darren lives a terrible life as a vampire assistant.  Darren does not want suck the blood out of humans because he thinks it is nasty.  He wants to back home to his regular life. 

How Does This Make You Feel?

This makes me feel sad for Darren because he has no home.  He is always traveling.  He has no real family except for Mr.Creapsly and Madam Octa ( Mr.Creapsly's spider).  I also, feel sad for him because he is dying because he dosen't want to drink blood.


Make a Connection

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Connection to my life

Their is no conncetion between this story and my life.

Evaluation of the Book

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How was the book

This book was very good, I liked it very much.  This book was a page-turner.  I liked this book because the author used a lot of detail, such as "Blood was pumping out of the end of her wrist, covering the ground and other people." I also like that Darren had enough courage to save his friend (Steve).  He saved Steve by becoming Mr.Creapsly's assistant so that he will not kill Steve.

Would you recommend this book

I would recommend this book to any one who likes horror and fiction books.

What age group is this book for

This book is for ages eleven to fourteen. 


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This is one of my favorite pictures on my page. It is my favorite because it is very cool. I also like it because it has the cool writting that says Dubz. Also because is it COOL!!!

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This is my dog Cesar. Cesar and I like to play tug of war and fetch. He likes to play with me in the snow. Also he looks like a rat when he gets his hair cut so we call he "Baldy". Last but not least he is the best dog I have ever had.

This is the best basketball player ever to touch the hardwood. This is MICHAEL JORDAN! Michael Jordan is one of my favorite basketball players because he helped the Bulls to a 6 year winning streak. He was also on the Wizards from 2000-2001. He was on the team with our very own Rip Hamilton. He also retired after that season.

This is my favorite basketball player in the world! He can do any trick dunk possible. The first team he was on the Toronto Rapters. He was on the team with T-mac. Now he is on the New Jersey Nets and they are a really good basketball team.


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THis is my favortie author, DARREN SHAN THE INCREDIBLE. He wrote the New York times best selling series CIRQUE DU FREAK!! He also wrote another series THe Deomenta, it has 3 books Lord Loss, Demon THief and SLawter. He is also my favorite author because his style of writing. He writes about fantasy things like magic and Demons.


THis book is LORD LOSS!! The master of all Darren Shan books. It is very scary and wants you to keep turning pages. It involves werewolfes, magic, and Demons. It also has a supirse ending, but I will not tell you, you have to read it.........


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Assignment 1



     I think that the title Tuck Everlasting means that the Tuck's are everlasting and that they never give up. I also think is means life has a limit and you should not try to over go that limit.  Too me the title is asking a question would you like to live life forever or go on with life and at one point die? I would want to die because I would not want to ran away every time someone starts snooping around, asking why you are not ageing, that happend to the Tuck's that's why they moved to the middle of the forest, so nobody can find them and so they will not have to keep running away.  I also think the word Everlasting in the title means that you can not die or get hurt as bad. 


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Martin Luther King Jr




        Martin Luther King Jr was a great man. He helped stop segregation in the United States. He also won the noble prize for being the most peaceful person. He also led the bus boycott. The monument that they are making for Martin Luther King is in Washington D.C. I am going to tell two reasons why I think that there should be a monument made for Martin. One, he stopped segregation. Two, he won the noble prize for peace.


       Mr. King helped stop segregation by delivering many speeches in the South and a really big one in Washington D.C where over 1000 people attended. Segregation has stopped because colored people now go to school with white people. Colored people can now do any thing that white people do. Segregation has stopped and we plan to keep it that way.


       Martin Luther King won the Noble Prize. I believe that he won the Noble Prize because lots of people tried to persuade Martin to be violent, but Martin never went along and hit or hurt anyone. Even the time the someone bombed his house and almost killed his family, Mr. King did not go after them and try to hurt them back. He kept his calm and forgot about it. That proves that Martin Luther King he was not violent.


         Martin Luther King was famous because he helped lead most of the boycotts and thats my report on why I think there should be a monument for Martin Luther King Jr.



A light bulb relates to light because inside the light bulb are tiny watts that spark togther to create lights. There is also a coyle in the middle to help the watts spark. That light also helps us around the house and helps us do daily chores.