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My e-mail address is: E-mail is the best way to reach me. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns! Extra Help: Extra help with be available by appointment or afterschool on Wednesdays. SUPPLIES: 1 1/2 in binder with some looseleaf 2-pocket folder writing utensils

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Italian 2H Homework

lunedì il 22 aprile: Complete the 6 re-writes for reflexives
martedì il 23 aprile: complete writing assignment
mercoledì il 24 aprile: finish classwork
giovedì il 25 aprile: Study: test tomorrow
venerdì il 26 aprile: Have a good weekend
NEXT QUIZ: Wednesday 4/24 speaking
NEXT TEST: Friday 4/26: health vocab and reflexive verbs

Italian 3R Homework

lunedì il 22 aprile: finish 1-16: qiuz tomorrow on imperfect
martedì il 23 aprile: Complete translations
mercoledì il 24 aprile: workbook exercises (photocopied)
giovedì il 25 aprile: Study for test tomorrow: Imperfect vs. passato prossimo
venerdì il 26 aprile: BUON WEEKEND!
NEXT TEST: Friday 4/26: imperfect vs. past
NEXT QUIZ: Tuesday 4/23: forming the imperfect



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