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                        Brecksville Broadview Heights City School's Stepping Stone Integrated Preschool

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6812 Mill Road

Brecksville, Ohio 44141


Mr. David Martin- Principal

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What is an Integrated Preschool?  The preschool provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum based on Ohio's Early Learning Content Standards for peer models and for children with disabilities between the ages of three and five.

Hours: Monday - Thursday

8:30-11:00  and  12:00-2:30

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Stepping Stone Looking for Peer Models for the 2011- 2012 School Year

Stepping Stone Integrated Preschool is currently taking applications for children ages 3-5 to serve as Peer Models for the 2011-2012 school year.  

Peer models are children without disabilities between the ages of three and five and not kindergarten-age eligible, selected to participate within the preschool program. 

 Candidates for the peer model program will undergo a screening process. Please call Cheryl Miller at 440 740-4600 to schedule an appointment.  This process will include observation of play, a parent interview regarding the child's skills and behavior, an evaluation of communication and motor skills and an informal play-based assessment.  Parents will be asked to complete a developmental history questionnaire about their child.

Our brochure Êwill answer questions such as class size, curriculum, and tuition cost, etc.  If you are interested in your child partcipating in our program, complete our Peer Model Application  Êand contact the preschool at 440.740.4600. 

Mrs. Shields


Early Language Arts Skills

Math and Counting skills



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Contact Information


Mrs. Julie Shields, M. Ed.

Early Childhood Intervention Specialist

Stepping Stone Integrate Preschool

Brecksville-Broadview Heights City School District

Phone: 440-740-4509


Blog link:

Mobile Device Speech/Articulation Apps

Articulation!                             ArtixPix

Let's Name...Things             Picture the Sentence Lite

VocabBuilder1                       VocabBuilder2

VocabBuilder3                       Minimal Pairs Lite

Things That Go Together    Food

ABA Flashcards Emotions  My First Apps

Clean Up                                Vehicles


Mobile Device Letters/Writing Apps

Pocket phonics lite                              ABCheese Lite

Alien Buddies                                       Draw Free

Draw Free                                             Write On

I Can Write 1                                         iDoodle Card

Pre-K ABC                                             Alphabet Tracing

Alphabet Find                                       Letter School

ABC Writing                                          Letter Quiz


Mobile Device Math and Shape Apps

Math                             Shapes

Dino Math                    Color Slapps

LadybugCount           Make Shapes Lite

Touch math+              Shape Puzzle for Kids HD

Find Sums


Matrix Basic


Park Math


Mobile Device Animal Apps

My Horse                   Animal Train

Farm Animals Photo Touch

Peekaboo Barn Lite

Animal Find               Animals HD

Animal Train Lite     Match Animals

Classic Zoo             

Spot the Jungle Animals

Spot the Farm Animals

Animal Hide & Seek

Mrs. Duke


websites we use

friend videos

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weekly home activities


Home Activities:



Decorate Oo

Write a large capital O and small o on drawing paper.  Spread glue on the letters and help your child decorate them with glitter, tissue paper, or another art material.


Gingerbread Cookies

Make cookies with your child.  Allow your child to help measure the ingredients, cut out shapes from the dough and decorate the cookies.  Talk about the sequence of events and process of baking cookies while you taste them!

Special Events



If you have not filled out emergency information on InfoSnap…Please do so ASAP!!!!  This is how we have emergency information for your child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact Information

Mrs. Mary Duke, M.Ed

Early Childhood Intervention Specialist

Stepping Stone Integrated Preschool

Brecksville-Broadview Hts City School District

Phone Number: 740-4505

7:30 AM to 3:30 PM




Apps we use

Starfall ABCs                                           Artik Pix

Animals HD                                            Clean up

PBS kids                                                  Build it up

My PlayHome                                          Opposites

Curious Zoo                                            Fluidity


Alien Buddies


Doodle Buddy

Elmo loves ABCs

ABC Animals

Letter of Day



Mrs. Kavinsky



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Contact Information

Stepping Stone Integrated Preschool Teacher


Ann Marie Kavinsky



Mrs. Wible


links to fun games

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preschool news

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contact information

Jennifer Wible
Early Intervention Specialist


classroom phone number:440-

district phone number: 440-740-4275






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Stepping Stone Speech Language Patholgists


Mary Claire Toth



Sarah Amick




Welcome Letter

Dear Parents,


Welcome to our speech website.  We have chosen some links for you to look through.  Hopefully you can find some fun activities that you can work on with your child.  There are worksheets, fun interactive games, and informative articles pertaining to a variety of topics.




Mary and Sarah

Speech Development Chart


Communication Milestones

The following is a list of communication milestones taken from Linguisystems, Inc.


3-6 months

6-9 months

9-12 months

12-18 months

19-24 months

25-36 months

4 years

5 years

Keep in mind that this chart represents typical language development, and you can use this as a “barometer” of sorts to measure where your child is with their communication. There is a wide range of normal development, so there is some room for growth within these age brackets. However if you find that your child is falling significantly behind in regards to these age brackets it may be a good idea to have them evaluated by a Speech-Language Pathologist.



Mrs. Metcalfe

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Itinerant Preschool Teacher

                 The Role of the Itinerant Teacher

  Itinerant special education teachers are trained professionals who travel to the school or setting where a child attends school or lives.

  These teachers work with the primary caregiver or a child's teacher to ensure that the child receives specialized intervention everyday.  This can involve the following:

By meeting with the Classroom Teacher or Primary Caregiver, the Itinerant Teacher is able to share skills that enable the teacher or caregiver to address learning objectives on a daily basis.




"Show me and I forget;

Teach me and I remember;

Involve me and I learn."    Benjamin Franklin

Itinerant Preschool Teacher

Stepping Stone Integrated Preschool Itinerant Teacher:


Sally Metcalfe


What to look for in a preschool

In the Developmentally Appropriate Classroom, Children:

Adapted from "The Butterfly Garden" by Sandra Crosse


Fun Websites

IPAD apps

Speech Language:

  1. ArtixPix-articulation sounds  

  2. Picture the sentence

  3. Sound sorting

  4. Verbs with Milo

  5. English Plus

  6. Clean up; categories

Following Directions:

  1. PlayHome

  2. Splingo

  3. Let's name things

  4. Fun with directions

Fine Motor:

  1. Alphabet Traciing

  2. Wood Maze

  3. Letter School