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The idea of the Eagle  is to post activities which have been going on within my community. You may ask why not a blog, well that may happen when we review our web requirements,

It is for communication to the people local to Northenden Community Library. It is a Monthly News Print.

It is happening now with the first addition being Aug 2015.

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IT Courses

If you would like a bespoke IT course developing fo you please complete this form : IT Course Form

About LearnIT


My LearnIT projects are all over the web.  At one point I was giving some basic HTML tuition and chose to use The Eagle to deliver content. Now I have elected to drive all my stuff out of my Digital Champion Website.

So it will remain here as I see that basic HTML is a skill that you all should master.j  

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This is where you can code your html - but there are some limitations on what you can do - for example: you can only embed css into your code - you are not allowed a seperate .css file. You will also observe if you include the head and body tags will go !

Observation : Creating a css style in this wigit impacts other wigits and those in other tabs !!!!

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    1. Coffee
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    Image inclusion and text editing

    b - Defines bold text

    em - Defines emphasized text

    i - Defines a part of text in an alternate voice or mood

    small - Defines smaller text

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    sup - Defines superscripted text

    ins - Defines inserted text

    del - Defines deleted text

    mark - Defines marked/highlighted text

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    You will observe that the style sheet defined here controls all the wigits in this site.

    Aug 2015

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    August News.

    It has been six months since I attended NCL, (Northenden Community Library) and this month I took time to visit Oliver.

    I was pleased to hear that he had adopted my data backup initiative and news that there might be a website to do and that the Job Club might go forward was good news.  Whilst I now work full time it is nice to think that I am still part of the team and have asked Oliver for a task list.

    Outside the library I have been continuing my work as a Community Guardian and Digital Champion and have been woking on a project called LearnIT. Basically it is about what I have been doing at the library and other venues but under one project which means I will be delivering an On-Line book.

    The ideas are coming together and the infrastructure is looking powerful. So I have rewritten all my community websites to give them a common LearnIT theme and to link them together. But it is early days and I am awaiting feedback. 

    I have, without approval, delivered LearnIT into NCL for Oliver to approve,

    September news willtell  me of that has been authorised.......

    Kindest Regards 

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    David Bently has Kindly offerd his service to write an article about Withington Golf Club. Mike Casey has said that I can use Extracts from his WGC first book.

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    About Protopage

    This is a website with public space that the public can update and public space which is secured.



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