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"Smarter Every Day" Video uploads

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What am I doing?

I'm just a guy in Australia who is willing to donate my time to helping people out. I have a dear friend who happens to be deaf, and because I wanted to share some YouTube videos with her, I offered to create captions for some of the videos I enjoy. I'm willing to caption other videos if: a) I'm asked nicely; b) I'm willing to watch the video myself; and c) it's not for a purely commercial enterprise. So essentially I'll have a go at captioning anything I don't find offensive or misleading and ideally things that are educational or interesting. I don't do this for money, however if


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Zambuck Healing upgrades

from Karja's Medallion
to Vindicator's Pendant of Salvation - PVP 15300 honour and 10 EOTS marks
Legs - done
from Pants of the Naaru
to Pontifex Kilt - Steamvaults (Heroic) - Warlord Kalithresh
or Kirin Tor Master's Trousers - Shadow Labs (Heroic) - Murmur
or Achromic Trousers of the Naaru - 75 BoJs
from The Black Stalk
to Carved Witch Doctor's Stick - 25BoJ

DPS/PVP upgrades

from Uni-Mind Headdress
to Wicked Witch's Hat - Karazhan - The Crone
from Aldor Ceremonial Wraps
to Bands of Nefarious Deeds - Karazhan - Maiden of Virtue
or Bands of Rarefied Magic - Shattered Halls (Heroic) - Kargath Bladefist
or Vindicator's Silk Cuffs - 11794honor 20WSG marks
from The Black Stalk
to Carved Witch Doctor's Stick - 25BoJ